So a ton of stuff has happened. So much stuff haha.

First I went to Malaysia! It was awesome! We got to stay up on this mountain in the rainforest! The experience was a ton of fun. I got to meet people who have been doing this for years and years. They are seriously heroes. I got to meet my brothers and sisters from Mexico. They are in another city but are totally awesome! It was a lot of fun and God was presiding over that place like crazy!

Second I came back and we had two great days of rest and relaxation. Then went into a 24-hour prayer time. At the very end we were singing a bit and we may have been just a wee bit loud. Anyway the boys in blue showed up and we all got taken in to make sure we were all legal. Which we are. Everything worked out. I came home and went to sleep haha!

Thirdly, I have only three more months to be here. And that is not a lot of time. I have been thinking a lot if I should come back or stay home. I still don’t know where I’m supposed to be. I am praying for that and if you wouldn’t mind praying for that too I’d appreciate it.

One other thing my friend Gandalf and another one of our friends went to see and encourage one of our brothers. They’ve been there like 4 days and I think the family has increased by at least 13. It’s crazy out here!