Wow! In the past month and a half, Stella and I have come back to Asia, moved apartments, and launched into the new semester! My first year workers got here almost 3 weeks ago and it has been a whirlwind getting them into apartments, helping them learn how to get food and more importantly teaching them how to do what they have been called here to do! On September 1st, my team learned how to effectively share the good news with college students here and in the last 13 days, we have seen 12 people make decisions to follow God! That is almost 1 a day! Our Father is up to some pretty awe-inspiring things!

Right before we came back, we learned that Stella has Celiac disease, which means she can’t eat anything with gluten. We’ve been adapting to a new diet (her more than me), and she has been doing great. All last year she had so little energy and was almost always in some degree of pain but now all of her symptoms are gone! Praise God!

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to train our new workers, and disciple our new brothers and sisters that they and others share with. Please be praying for us to continue to see this incredible work move forward!