This Christmas season was full of parties for me. In the start of December, Belle and I had friends over on multiple occasions to deck out our apartment with paper snowflakes, make sugar cookies and to put up our Christmas tree. As we where teaching these girls how to make a snowflake, we also got the chance to tell them about why we celebrate Christmas. Belle and I shared the story over many a snowflake this December.

In the Christmas season I got to see a whole new side of the city. For the first time, Belle and I got connected with the UGpart. We had shared with one of our friends. She isn’t ready to give her life to Jesus yet, but our friend is so curious and hungry to know more. She so curious that she went and talked to this girl she saw, because this girl had a button pined to her bag that said “God bless you” written in the local language. So this girl invited our friend to a Christmas party, and our friend invited us. We didn’t know what to expect, but we get off the bus, and we are told that a girl in yellow will come and get you. Belle and I were a little nervous, we had no idea what we where going into. After about a 10min. walk, we were led in to an apartment where there where about 60 college students gathered together. It was so cool to see outreach hosted by Asians. Everything here has to be on the down low, so you don’t really get to see how things are growing in Asia. It was really awesome! We did worship with them, and they shared the gospel. Our friend was amazed, she said “they’re sharing the same story you told me.” We just shook are heads and said, “yes its all the same!”  

Then the next day our group got to go to a really big party on the outskirts of town where we got to meet and worship and share a meal with a couple hundred Asian brothers and sisters. This is probably my favorite thing we did so far. People brought their Asian brothers and sisters with them, and their friends where amazed, because they don’t feel like there are that many Asian believers. For me it was amazing just to see so many Asian people having fellowship together all in one place.  

City update: Since coming to Asia, there have been over 80 new believers in our city!