That’s a phrase we in CT use pretty frequently – some vision, huh?!! But that’s exactly what we hope to do here in Asia: to build something solely dependent on the grace and love of God and victory of Christ, to saturate a university of 30,000 or 40,000 with the gospel message of salvation and leaders who are able to train others to follow and train others to follow and train others. Do you realize that’s how you know Jesus?!? For about 2000 years, our Heavenly Father has caused His word of truth to be passed down from the earliest disciples, ones who knew and touched Jesus Christ, to generations upon generations of imperfect yet faithful humans, and on and on down to you and me. Glory!

And it’s happening right in front of our eyes! This past week has been phenomenal in terms of fruit that we’ve seen. There was our Friday night group which I help lead, where we had our sister Rui lead a nonbeliever (Will) I had invited to the Lord, and we also dunked our good brother Lion. There was the time when some of our new girls called me to come and pray for a beggar with one leg (I had told them I was looking for someone with a foot problem to pray for because God had told me to do this as part of the healing process for my feet) and instead of getting a new leg, he got eternal life! There was Churchill, who our guys are training, who shared with 5 people last week, and 2 joined the family! Then there was last night at a group with some of our girls, who are doing a beautiful job of raising up there new girls. One, Dora, brought her roommate Helen, who she had shared with and who was totally prepared by the Holy Spirit from long ago. After experiencing fellowship, worship, prayer, and the word with us, she also chose to give her life to the One who gave it to her in the first place.

My faithful friends, family, supporters — it’s happening! We are believing we can reach this key university by the end of this year (May) and move our focus in this city to the 2 other top 100 universities. We will also be talking about the possibility of expanding into another city for next year as we meet and seek the Lord in Thailand. I will be leaving on Friday to spend a few weeks down there at our annual TM/CT Retreat. Please keep us all lifted up for travel mercies, for health, and for all that He has for us during this time.