It’s that time of year: Christmas cookies, parties with friends and loved ones, everyone pulling out boxes with lights and favorite ornaments. The funny thing about it for me is, that instead of pulling out boxes this season, I find myself putting things away into boxes.
I haven’t sent out an email about it yet, but I’m sure most of you know that I’ve recently become engaged. My fiancé Aragorn and I have decided to make a trip back to America for our wedding. So while I am pulling out some of my Christmas decorations, I still find myself packing my apartment up into boxes.
We’ll be flying out the night of Christmas, and we’ll be having our wedding in March. The two of us will be taking 3 months off the field to plan our wedding, and so that we can have time to know each other’s friends, family, and supporters better before coming back to the field.
 I’m excited for this time and can’t wait to see everyone. I hope you have a great Christmas,
Ways to be praying:
1. Please pray for the funds for both of us for the wedding and for tickets both to and from the field.
2. For our last few weeks here, pray that we get everything we need done in a breeze, and that we’d have plenty of time to spend and share the Christmas season with our Asian friends here.
3. Also please pray for safe travels