When Lucy and I got to campus, we didn’t have a plan, but God did! We walked to East gate and sat by a huge bell that’s in the center of a little wooded area. We prayed about what to do, and God said he would show us someone. We walked to the gym and track area, and I felt a tug in my heart to go inside this café. We split a drink, took a notebook that was on the table, wrote a message about God in it, then put $2 under the notebook for someone who really needed to be blessed. The café has a notebook at every table for people to write messages in, so we felt we needed to witness to someone through a notebook and $2. Lucy and I talked for a bit, then joked on how being there was like having a date with God. “We should have God pay for us next time,” Lucy said.

After a while, we decided to get dinner, so we walked to our favorite place. As we walked we bumped into an Asian friend we haven’t seen in a while. She asked how we were doing and promised after her busy week was over, she would contact us about hanging out again. We talked some more and told her we were heading to dinner. She offered to take us to one of the cafeterias on campus. Only students can eat there because you need a card to purchase the food. Our friend bought us dinner then had to leave because she was busy with a project. So in the end, we had dinner for free, and had another date with God!

P.S. We are having a training group with our three new sisters this Saturday at our apartment and were making Christmas cookies!