A has been one of my best friends since coming back home to the city. This girl has amazed me ever since we’ve met, and I love doing life with her. This week she is turning 20, so this Sunday she invited people from our church and a few other friends for a traditional local meal. Then after, she had us all crowd into her room to sing worship songs. We left the living room because her Dad doesn’t really approve, but she asked us to leave the door cracked so that maybe her Dad would hear the music and ask more questions about who we are singing to. I thought it was really sweet. Her parents both don’t believe, but she prays for them to find the truth every day.  After that A asked all the people over 20 to give a bit of wisdom to share with her and her younger friends and asked us to pray for her. It was really great because in the end we got to share the Gospel with two of her friends that had been invited to the party.
Prayer requests:
That A’s family would come into know Father
And for the friends at A’s party who heard about him for the first time