Our first trip to XJ was absolutely phenomenal! We are unable to fully express the feeling of finally go somewhere Father has been putting on our hearts, and a place we have been praying into, for the last 5 years. Stepping into His promises is a feeling that never gets old! And being able to go with our first year workers and showing them the place He was putting on our hearts was incredible, and hopefully inspiring for them as they prepare to pursue what God has next for THEM.

A highlight of our trip was visiting Kor-town. In a small corner of this city is a coffee shop owned by a family doing what we want to do, bringing the good news somewhere that less than 1% believe. They are truly inspiring and we were glad to able to listen to their stories and also bring them some business 🙂

In T-city, a city which taught me how beautiful the desert could be, is an ancient village more than 3,000 years old. Back then the U People, whom we feel like we might called to, were Buddhists. Only 1,000 years ago, they began to follow Islam. We are praying that they will change one last time, and hope we can be a part of our Father bringing them into the kingdom.