Welcome to Asia. Here you will encounter strange food and smells like never before! Hold onto your seat, as we do not wear seat belts here! There will be bumps in the road, followed by tight twists and turns.

You know God is doing something good when the enemy starts attacking like crazy. Specifically, the language students here have been under attack.

Some of the good things that have happened around here are that we have had two sisters come into the family in one week! Praise God! My roommate and I have had a good start to our language study. On the flip side, my roommate and co-worker got into an accident but they did not get hurt. God’s hand of protection was on them.

From my perspective, I can see God fighting for us. However, one of the worst things that has happened is I lost my passport and had to travel to a new city. At first I thought that it was a big inconvenience, but God blessed me by connecting me with a team we have in the city I visited. They hosted me and included me in all their activities. I was able to explore some pretty cool places, and I was able to get a new passport safely. What started as an inconvenience ended as a blessing. There’s been a bunch of other adventures, and through it all God has been so good!