Living in a foreign land is like being a baby all over again. You are helpless, you don’t know your way around, and you can’t speak the language. At first, you can’t even eat the food, and using chopstick was an experience all by itself. lol.

I look at where God has placed me and I say, why me? Why did you choose me, an imperfect human? You could’ve chosen anyone from anywhere else in the world.

As I look around the college, I see all these Asian girls with big smiles, giggling with all their friends as they walk to class, and my heart breaks. Why, you ask? They live in this world and are so happy, but when God comes back, where will all these smiling faces go? How can I not tell them about God?!?!

I’m out of my comfort zone, but I would give up everything I have to tell these girls the truth! Most are stuck in their mind set, “I live for me. I do what I want.” These words kill me!  When I ask what they believe and this comes out of those joyful mouths it’s like a hole in my heart just bursts open. I used to be that girl!!! It’s like I can feel the hurt and pain. It’s as if the girl I am sitting across from talking to me, is who I once was!

As I walk around campus, watching and looking around at all these girls, I thank God for my life and for saving me when He did. Now God is changing my perspective.  I was treating these girls like I would my little sister, but after realizing they are college students, just like college students in America, my heart breaks even more!

College students are the same all over the world, no matter what language they speak, or what kind of culture they live in.
These students run around trying to find ‘happiness’ and the ‘real’ meaning of life. Most students, just like in America, are finally away from home. They have the freedom to do whatever they please, but this can end in destruction, for those who can’t handle the freedom.

Prayer request:  new sisters, more energy, new believers to stay strong!