Write a dialogue about a person teaching another person how to play this *game

Ok, this is easy, I can understand everything…wait, what’s wang chee-o? It sounds vaguely familiar, but, nope, not ringing any bells. Ok, this symbol was in our last chapter and it was associated with the internet, so maybe it’s a way to play sports on the internet? (the second symbol  is usually ball). Ok, yeah, I’ll just write about a person teaching their friend how to play a sports computer game.

Welcome to my thought process on my most recent mid-term exam. Honestly, as I finished that essay up I was feeling pretty proud. I had successfully used a number of new vocabulary we learned, and I sat back to admire my language skills.

A few hours later, I was playing basketball with two of my favorite Asian sisters when I heard them talking about the ball courts. As it turns out, the symbols

means tennis. It’s not a computer game or anything else that my essay could remotely relate to. As I doubled over in laughter, Lucy and Liberty just stared until I eventually let them in on how much I had messed up. Usually Asian people don’t laugh at other people’s embarrassments, but I got a couple giggles out of them with this story. I hope it made you laugh, too. I have to be reminded every once in a while that I shouldn’t take things too seriously. These are the days when I learn to laugh at myself and learn from mistakes. I don’t think I’ll ever forget what those symbols mean ever again.





I think prayers are especially important to the team right now. Please pray for protection from the enemy’s attempts to slow down work/ stop work all together. This is the time when homesickness usually hits, so please pray against that for all of us (especially the first year people).

I personally have been having a hard time focusing. I will be making a trip to the states in January, so looking at that, I tend to forget about the present. Please pray that I’ll be able to finish this semester strong.

Lastly, I feel like we’re on the edge of breakthrough with our stronger people here. Please pray that Dad would give our Asian leaders here an extra push to be out sharing and starting their own groups!

Thank you for being a part of what’s happening over here!


*The original symbols were removed for security reasons.