A few weeks ago around Thanksgiving time I was driving, listening to music when all of a sudden I heard Jingle Bells playing! It took a minute for my brain to register this is Christmas music… Now some of you out there might have been thrilled! But I on the other hand was puzzled. It wasn’t even December yet!

Since then something the Lord has been placing on my heart is the real meaning of Christmas. As I go shopping, everything is Christmas. As I drive, all the music is Christmas. Everyone I talk to speaks of Christmas and everything they need to do. But a question I keep thinking is, Did we forget the meaning of Christmas?

My heart breaks as I walk around the stores, looking at all these people living everyday life. Just going through the motions. On the outside they smile while on the inside they have junk just like us. Wounds, hurts, and pains. We have a gift inside of us, a free gift we can give to them, but instead we just watch or worst yet ignore them! I put my headphones in, I look at my phone or to do list, I rush around not paying attention at all. The wounds, hurts, pains, and bad habits; Jesus paid for it all. He died on the cross for us so we can live! He saved us not so we can live like everyone else but so we can share who He is with others. So we can stand apart from everyone else!

Now is the season friends and family! We have this Gift inside of us so let’s do something about it! Let’s make an effort to step out this Christmas. Let’s pray and ask the Lord to give us opportunities to share His love with others. Let’s step outside our comfort zones and let Him move.