What do you get when you fill a kiddie pool in the middle of an apartment? A big splash and an awesome baptism party! Abner and Tony came into the family a little over a month ago and tonight, we had the honor and privilege of helping them take the next step!

Imagine with me, 13 brothers and sisters crowded into an apartment, singing to God, thanking Him for what Jesus did, and then celebrating together as two newer brothers get into the water and publicly declare their commitment to Him! It really goes without saying, but it was AMAZING! To make the night even more special, the teaching times were actually not led by us Americans, but rather, over the last few weeks, my friend Paul and I have been helping our local brothers and sisters prepare so that they could lead the time! They did an incredible job leading the time!

God is truly faithful! It’s been incredible watching these two young men walk out their new relationship with God. He is clearly moving miraculously with each of them! It’s also been amazing watching as some of our more mature brothers and sisters have begun to step up and walk out the calling that God has placed on their lives for being leaders in the local church! He is moving! And it is so evident that your prayers and support are shifting things here in the Kingdom! Thank you so much for your every contribution!