“How Great Is Our God!”

Sitting on my sweet friend Serene’s couch, I can’t describe to you the feeling that overwhelmed my heart as I heard her sing these words.

Serene is one of the girls that I call “my heart girls.” There has always been a deep friendship between Serene and I, an understanding of each other’s heart regardless of what language we spoke. We became close when I was living in Asia. She was and still is one of my closest friends.

It has been 4 years since Serene and I have seen each other face to face and as she played this song for me, I had flashbacks of sitting in my living room and teaching her about worship, picking songs and showing her how to lead even when there was no music.

Now Serene is one of the leaders of the church in G-town. She continues to grow and become a woman who seeks after the heart of God. She has a heart for the lost and to reach her city through worship and even writes her own music. Serene is truly an incredible answer to so many of the prayers you and I have prayed over the years.

How Great Is Our God! He is so good!