Things are popping here in K-town! We have been getting together once a week for a movie night, where we share movies that can bridge into God’s word. 10-20 college boys and girls gather for some fun-filled fellowship with one another. We watch an American movie, share God’s Word, and sometimes sing worship on the guitar.

We have given God all control of the work here! These are his children and we are His servants, just here doing his will. We are planning for our Christmas parties now! We are all sooooo excited for the next coming weeks!  Celebrating a WHOLE MONTH of Christmas with our Asian friends! There are so many open windows to share about Jesus Christ!

Also, last but not least, one of our Asian brothers who came to know God last year, has been on fire! He started an English Conner on campus, which he has over 150 college students signed-up for. He will be teaching English through the Book of Psalms! God is doing amazing work through him, and we get to see it happen!

Prayer request: New brothers and sisters, energy for our team, English Corner, Christmas parties.