It has truly been too long since I, wait scratch that, WE wrote to you! It has been a crazy and busy time getting back into the swing of things here and getting used to being married and living together! However, it has also been an awesome time filled with seeing God’s hand move!

A million things have probably happened since I last wrote to you, but let me share 2 really exciting things!

Last week we had our “big group” thanksgiving party. “Big group” is what we call it what all of the different small groups that are in our city get together and have fellowship. This was the first one we had this semester. Its primary goal is to connect the group of believers from last year to the ones who have come to know God this past semester.

The meeting was great! Most of our friends came and really enjoyed connecting and meeting everyone. Also that evening 2 guys came late, for the last 30 mins of the meeting. These 2 guys were friends of a sister that my wife has been disciplining for the past semester, but she couldn’t come to the party as she was out of town but they came anyways because they wanted to know about God. They heard me sharing about God’s love and fellowship and talked to some of the bothers in the room after the main meeting was over and they decided that they wanted to join the family! It was so exciting to see them come to know God that night and to see all of our friends together having fellowship.

The second thing we want to share with you is very exciting to us personally. It is that my wife and I are expecting a baby at the end of April/beginning of May!!!! Yeah! We are so excited about this and are looking forward to being parents!