You are standing at a traffic light. The light is turning from green to yellow, and red becomes your signal to stop completely. Gazing at the bright red light, it seems like time is no longer moving, and the clock is broken. But then you see the green light make its appearance. Things seem to turn around. You are free to proceed on with your day.

Sometimes you experience that stage in life, where you feel that you are going nowhere. You have been stuck in that same place for so long, that you wonder if you are ever going to move. Then the time comes where you see that green light, and you are ready to go. Sometimes that is like our lives with God; we feel like we are at a halt for a while. We want to move, but we haven’t received the signal yet. We may wait so long, to the point where we finally get the green light, but we don’t want to move. Our mindset should never become like that, because it is all in His timing. Patience is key in knowing God is in control and is moving.

I saw my green light. Even though I was a little worried, I still went to Asia. As a result, God is moving in a way I can’t explain. There are 24 new believers! When we pray and put our belief into action, you start to see the harvest come. Continue praying!