*Honk* *Honk* Multiple cars bolt past me on the heart attack of a road I ride my bike on. Frantically, I peddle fast enough to gain speed to whiz past pedestrians and slow electronic bikes. Carefully I weave in and out of traffic to dodge parked cars in the bike lane blocking my way to a stress-free ride. I wish I rode a bike more back in America, I always tell myself, as I begin to feel my legs get tired. At least there are no big hills I have to climb up. The usual path I take to campus is a straight shot out of my apartment complex. Passing by an innumerable amount of cars, bikes, electronic bikes, and the occasional goat. I notice the other tall apartment buildings as I peddle past dirty puddles and cracked barriers. Small shops litter the streets further down the street selling food to hungry construction workers, families, and grandparents. I enjoy my peaceful bike ride looking at all of the assorted buildings and trees that definitely do not belong where they were placed. Dodging a small collection of weeping willows I bow my head so I do not get smacked in the eye. Passing by the construction of a new apartment complex and what looks like a housing community? Whatever, as I peddle by suddenly hit by a putrid smell of a mixture of rotting food, feces, and smoke. Trying not to take deep breathes I peddle onward.

Almost to campus. I take a slow turn right down a small road with a few cars and the occasional noisy bus. I see run down houses, shops, and some nice restaurants for the students off of campus. Trying not to be pushed off the road by cars and electronic bikes I slowly make my way down this crazy… but frankly, dangerous road. Eventually, I take another right then an immediate left as I pass through the north gate to arrive on campus. I stop to take a few breaths, then continue onward past some newly constructed buildings that house some amazing restaurants. Dodging students who are barely looking around them almost getting hit once or twice is quite a feat. Surprised, I take a right onto the main road on campus. Peddling faster I dodge a speed bump, going past trees that have now changed from a lush green to a bright yellow. I notice dormitories, classrooms, and what looks like lab buildings. I get to the end of the road and take a right. So close. I keep peddling a short ways. Until, I reach the playground. What looks like hundreds of students playing soccer, badminton, and running around the track. I go up a small concrete ramp and park my bike. *Phew* I let out a big sigh then take in a deep breath. I am ready to start my day.

I decided to write about what I do in a daily week. Obviously, I cannot write down everything so I decided to write about one of my favorite things: biking to the playground on campus. It is so much fun weaving in and out of traffic. The scenery is not the best, but I like the feel of a less built up area. I really feel like I am in Asia. Meeting new students everyday through playing soccer is also one of my favorite things. Everyone wants to beat the foreigner. These past few weeks have been pretty tough for me and everyone else. Please pray for us and keep us in your thoughts. I have been feeling less driven and losing a little faith.