“Is that party have anything to do with religion, I am not interested in it.”

Frantically looking between my roommate and my phone I stared in shock, completely unsure of how to answer my friend Allison’s question, knowing that I can’t really tell her that we are planning to share the Gospel with everyone that is coming to the party. I just had to trust the Holy Spirit and had to let Him give me the words that I couldn’t think of. I let her know that my roommates and I are all Christians and that we can’t help but talk about the one who gave us a new life and hope. She told me that because we are friends she will listen but had no interest in changing her mind.

I’ve been praying for her since I’ve meet her about a month and half ago and have had some amazing opportunities to chat with her about life and our amazing God. I know that there is no coincidence that our paths have become intertwined. I know that her persistent attitude of not knowing the true lover of her soul will begin to change as she encounters His presence day after day. Every day God reminds me of the power of the Gospel and His desire for His children, beginning to break my heart for my friends that surround me daily.

My prayer for her is that she will have revelation after revelation of the redemptive power of our Father, that His presence will hit her in the face daily and that she will no longer be able to deny His powerful presence. Will you all join me in prayer for the heart and soul of this dear friend of mine? Will you join with me as we wage war for soul of our Fathers beloved ones? Let Him fill your heart with a desperation to see your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors bent towards the mercy of the Father. I can tell you more and more my heart aches for my friends here that feel like there is no hope, who still think that God is just not for them.

Thank you so much for partnering with me in prayer and for every other single way you each have impacted my life. I know I say this in every email but I am always blown away by the love of you all! Thank you for always supporting me and being willing to read my updates. You each have such a special place in my heart.