I’ll be home soon!!! I can almost taste the Five Guys burger and fries! Haha! I am very excited to be coming home soon but also very excited about what has been going on over here. So far in this semester 20 brothers and sisters have come into the family! Oh and by the way over here they just started taking their midterms. So there is more to come! Gandalf and I are trying to solidify the guys that we know and root them in the truth before we leave. We really want them to be learning and growing on there own by the time we have to say goodbye.

It’s a bit bittersweet leaving. I have made some awesome friends! Not all of them have accepted the awesome gift that I have told them about. My friend Jack for example. It makes me very sad to think that maybe I will never see him in Heaven. I do not know the plans God has for him. I will keep asking and seeking and knocking on Jack’s behalf.

I have been thinking a lot about you and every time I do I am filled with joy! I want to be like you guys someday. You have given generously and I appreciate it greatly! I hope and pray that God blesses you all!

When I come back I would love to see you all and tell you some more awesome stories in more detail!