As our taxi weaved in and out of traffic the only thing on my mind I was how awesome these crazy mad men could fit these vehicles into these tiny spaces. When we pulled up to the subway station I quickly got out and never looked back. The subway station was bustling with large crowds of people moving in every direction quickly trying to get to their destinations. My friend led us down a few flights of escalators toward these electronic gates. We quickly got out our bus cards and held them over the reader. *Ding* and the small gate opened up as we individually passed through. I instantly thought to myself this place was cleaner than most subways I have seen and there are not a whole lot of people lined up for our train. Heh, boy was I wrong. Seconds later the subway train rushes by us and its doors slid open. Packed full of Asian women, men, babies, and teenagers, we were quite a spectacle to be seen as the tall, blonde, white guy slithered his way into the aisles. After a few moments, I got comfortable with the other passengers as we bumped into each other from time to time.

Finally we were at our stop and the doors slid open once more as we made our way up into the city. The first thing we saw was the bell tower and it was miraculous. Old-styled buildings were overhead as we gazed up from where we were. Large crowds of people were moving every so gently down the streets watching various street performers. Slowly we made our way down Muslim street with a massive amount of people. Amazing aromas from food filled the streets as we passed by hundreds of street vendors selling a various assortment of candy, barbeque, desserts, crazy octopus things, and animal carcases. It was an awesome experience I will never forget. My friend insisted on eating at this very old dumpling restaurant known for their food for years. As soon as we sat down our food was delivered to our table and we sunk our teeth into some of the best dumplings I have ever tasted. After we walked up and down the popular street we slowly made our way back to the station and hopped on the subway back to our part of the city.

I was prying all over the place after this experience. Some of the best food I have tasted was on that street. I thank the Father for giving me the opportunity to live here for a year. We have had many parties for individuals who have entered the family and it has been an amazing two weeks! I can only imagine what will come next. Please pray for my friend I met that is asking a ton of questions about the Father. Thank you so much for the constant support and praying!