I could hardly breathe, and I felt a little sick. Boba looked like he was in the same boat, but he was definitely doing better than I was. It had been a loongg time since I wrestled a hard match, and I had greatly, I mean greatly, underestimated his skill. I found out after that his “yeah I wrestled and wasn’t that good” was actually “well I started when I was four.” I was ready for the rematch and had my redemption a few days later but this was among my favorite moments of camp. Wrestling and getting to share my heart on men in ministry and being warriors. Some of the other highlights were playing Catch Phrase with the gang and leading some of the devotions in the morning. We just sent them all off as world-changers to Asia and my heart left with them. I felt like I had some really good heart-to -hearts with the guys on this team and I deeply look forward to being on the field with them this year! Training Camp was a blast and full of deep laughter.