As the sun began to set over the deserted wasteland that is KS I began to lose hope. There was no way our driver could get us back to the border in time, and time was running out ever so quickly. We pulled up to the gates of the KS border, and our driver shot us a glance that stunned me in my seat. It was over. We did not make it. We are doomed to sleep in a muddy field. All these thoughts crossed my mind and I was already making my decision on which rock I would use as my pillow.

Suddenly, the guards pulled open the gates and the driver said we barely made it in time with five minutes to spare. Relieved, I sat back in my chair and enjoyed the rest of the bumpy two minute ride to immigration. We finally made it! Back in time to catch our train on the other side of the border! God was good to us that entire day and I will not forget. Before we left our apartment I knew this visa trip would not be like the others. “This will be one heck of an update” we all exclaimed to each other. As we danced our way through immigration with the guards as our partners they seemed just as eager to go home as we were. Painless and smooth we got right through. But, that was only the beginning. What happened after that…well, I guess you will just have to ask me when I get home very soon.