The evening began with a bad mood, a driver who wasn’t sure where he was going, and my phone dying when all I wanted to do was zone out to music. It ended with the same driver getting me where I needed to go and both of us smiling like we were old friends. He even went so far as to say, “Wow, you’re so much fun to talk to!” This was the day that I truly began learning that God uses us through our weakness.

At that time I was processing a few emotions and my heart was off. I was tired and stressed out due to new responsibilities, and honestly, I was grumpy! When I jumped in that cab, after waiting fifteen minutes for an available one, I didn’t expect that I would get to share God’s love with two men who had never heard of Him or that I would genuinely enjoy talking to that driver. Through that 45- minute ride, I came to a deeper realization of God’s love and grace even through our immense weaknesses. I hope that you might have these experiences that push you closer to God and further away from dependence on yourself.

Last weekend we had a retreat for our Asian believers. We hiked a mountain, had teaching time, and played games! I loved seeing the friendship that was shown among these people that had only known each other for a couple hours. We even had a couple friends come who have not believed yet. Jay and Wen Jing are so close to knowing God, and they loved learning about worship and hearing God’s voice. Please lift them up with us that they could start a relationship with Him!