I just recently got to take the trip of a lifetime to another area in Asia, in the foothills of a massive mountain chain. It is a very beautiful place to visit. It was here I was at the highest elevation I have ever been at, 14,700 ft. It was an incredible experience! This was a multifaceted trip for our me and my group of friends. It was a time of refreshment, a chance to hear the stories of some workers there and be a blessing to them. I believe our visit truly encouraged the family we interacted with since they didn’t get to see many foreigners of like mind. We were, also, some of the first ones to pray for God to bring freedom in two different temples and some high places that were in the area.

I was grateful, that even though, this was a time of fun and refreshment that God still gave me opportunities to invest eternally. In the subway and border crossing, there was some opportunity to give to homeless and let them know that Jesus loves them and also pray for those who were lame. Sadly, I didn’t get to see any get up and walk but I’ll just keep praying. I happened to get into a conversation with a believer that was on the subway. I was just really grateful I got to run into this lady and it was encouraging to see an Asian Christian who was strong in Jesus. Another night, we were staying in a hostel and as I was going to bed, I felt Dad ask me to share with the hostel attendant. I got up and thanked him for the accommodations. He was very busy and talking to other customers, however, once he had some time, I asked him if anyone had ever shared the good news of Jesus with him. Needless to say, he closed the window in my face but I went to bed that night knowing I had been obedient to God. The area we were in is heavy buddhist country and I was really glad my friends and I were able to have several times of strong intercessory prayer in that area. It was truly a rare opportunity!