I absolutely love hanging out with Middle schoolers! These kids grow up right in front of your eyes. If you blink, I honestly think that you would miss it.

On the first weekend of October, I was able to go on a middle school retreat and hang out with these awesome kids. We got to do tons of fun things like gaga ball, zip lines, giant swings, ping pong, pool, etc. We got to learn more about God, and worship Him together. It was an incredible experience! Lots of kids committed and re-committed their lives to Christ! So awesome!

We also played dodgeball… I only was able to play one and a half games but it was a great time, till it wasn’t. When I play dodgeball, I PLAY dodgeball. I like to go hard, so during the days before, I get to know my guys and see who I can go for and who I should probably not go for. I usually end up going for most of the Willowdale 8th graders. It’s a lot of fun. They usually go for me and I go for them. I got some great shots in. Then my old rusty 22-year-old body gave way and I hurt my knee. I’ll leave out the details but I did have to take an ambulance ride and go to the ER. I am doing well and recovery shouldn’t take longer than a month or two.