What a crazy few weeks it’s been! Can you imagine the excitement when 12 first-time missionaries pull up into Lima and gear themselves up to go to Asia? Our new group of first-year workers come from all over the world. They love Jesus deeply and are ready to be launched to reach college students in Asia!! This team is a unique team as they will only be in Asia for four and half months; that’s why we call them “earthshakers” because we know the L0rd is going to use them to plow the campuses of X-town in a mighty way!

During their first few weeks in Asia, they’ve been seeing a rich harvest. Many of them are working on the campus my teammates and I worked on. I was praying this new team would run into some of our close friends from our first year. And guess what? THEY DID!

The girls on our team felt led to head to a restaurant on campus and the Holy Spirit highlighted a specific girl which ended up being my friend, Elle! Elle was one of my closest friends in Asia and her heart is far from the love of Dad. Would you join me in praying for Elle and our teammates as they build a relationship together? My prayer is that God would show Elle just how much He loves her this year!