Tang Hong was in high school when she got pregnant. That’s not an uncommon story in the States. It may not be uncommon in Asia either; I can’t be sure. But Asia is an honor and shame society, so having a child at a young age while unmarried brings more shame on the girl and her family than we can probably imagine.

Because Tang Hong got pregnant, she couldn’t go to college. And college is the path to success for young people in Asia.

Tang Hong is Kristine’s friend. Kristine is such a loving person and chose to love her through her circumstances. Tang Hong could tell Kristine accepted her.

A few weeks ago Tang Hong connected with Kristine when she was in X-Town visiting her parents. And when Kristine asked if she wanted to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, Tang Hong said YES!

Despite the cultural shame Tang Hong may feel, I am confident Jesus can take away that shame. She is now a daughter of the King of Kings! She belongs to Jesus Christ and is part of His family.

She is your new sister in Christ! This is cause for you to join me and celebrate!