Hey friends, it has been a crazy couple of weeks here in Asia. With my time here quickly coming to end, I’ve been looking back on all the memories made. It has been a year of many ups and downs. Some days I am still mystified that I am here in Asia, living a life that is so beyond anything I ever imagined for myself. Being here, God has been teaching me some pretty life altering lessons and I really wanted to share one of them with you.

I have been so blessed having grown up in a Christian household. I have known about the gospel my whole life. Yes, the gospel is what has redeemed me. But it wasn’t until this year, when I let the gospel really take deep roots in me, that it began to really shift everything about me. I know that when we say yes to God the first time we feel the power of the gospel in that moment. But so often we can lose the beauty and power of it as we mature. We forget that we STILL need it as much today as we did all those years ago.

It is an everyday choice, committing and submitting to God. I remember when I said “Yes!” and I remember people telling me that loving God was a choice. But it’s not only a choice, it is an everyday every moment kind of choice. Choosing time with Him over time with others. Saying “Yes” to Him when you so badly want to “No.”

I count an absolute joy and privilege that God has asked me to share His story with everyone. I mean we have THE greatest news, a story that meets every single person right where they are at and it say come to me all who are broken. Every time I get to share with someone I am reminded that the same gift God is offering my friends, I also get to say yes to again and again. Guys, the gospel changes everything! Let it change you today, tomorrow, and every day after that!