That’s the number of young adults who came this past weekend to learn more about Campus Target. The purpose of this weekend (we call it April Training) is for us to get to know them better as they learn more about us, our vision, and our heart for Asia.

So how did we spend the weekend? Telling stories. Having meals together. Worshiping. Praying for Ch!na. Playing games. Teaching them how to raise support. Answering questions. And most importantly, welcoming them into the family environment of Campus Target.

One of my favorite moments was with a young man named Alex. Alex is only 18 and recently dedicated his life to Christ. During a time of prayer, he turned to me, joy filling his eyes and said, “These are my people!” Then he added, “I don’t have to wait until I get to Asia to share the gospel. I want to share it with the guys in my dorm at my college.”

Alex is right. We don’t have to wait. We have the gospel with us. Let’s not hold onto it so tightly. Let’s share it with those around us.

Thank you for standing with me! Because of you, a whole new group of world changers will be headed to Ch!na for a semester this August. And I am thrilled to join them for 3 months.