Hope all is well over yonder. Lots of good things going on over here, well mostly :). This past month has been focused on learning the language etc. Not going to lie its been more frustrating and slow that I thought it would be. It’s like getting amped to climb a mountain you’ve never seen only to arrive and realize it’s a lot higher than you thought haha. I’m making progress though and can definitely see it even though I feel like I’m moving terribly slow.

On top of language study, I had the “joy” of getting in two accidents on my bike. The first time a guy who was parked on the road decided to throw his car in reverse and without looking backup… and he backed right into me as I was crossing behind him to get to the side of the road. I was ok. I got back up and kept going no problem. The second time I was driving late at night and a drunk guy pulled out in front of me while I was at full speed. He def didn’t look and he didn’t have his lights on so I didn’t see him till the last minute. Thankfully no one was really hurt, just some damage to each vehicle.

Some really cool things have been happening here in the city. For starters 14 PEOPLE have joined the family. Now the challenge is getting them into training groups :D. Its been awesome see people join like crazy.  I also got to squeeze in a few times this month to go out and share. It was super refreshing to pour out in this way and such a great reminder to me how amazing the good story is. Along with hat we have been upping our game in the prayer department and we are seeing the fruit of that. More people are joining the family and there has been a favor that we haven’t seen in a long while in sharing and just life in general.

Along with that though we have also been seeing the attacks. I’ve been in two accidents, another CTer was as well, I’ve seen several accidents, so have others, and we all aren’t sleeping great. My back is outta place pretty bad again too; this time my feet are tingle quite often. I’m currently looking for a good chiropractor around here, but it might be a challenge to find one.

Could you be lifting me and the team up?