I have just settled in a bit in my new city (The X) and now this weekend unexpectedly I am taking the speed train back up to my old city (The Du) for an amazing event! Let me share with you about my friend; lets call him “Peter” for the sake of security. He and I have spent much of the last semester together. Sometimes we would take late night walks and grab a bite to eat. Other times, we would spend an afternoon or evening together as I would teach him to cook a simple meal, or we would read some of the Bible together.

We had some very honest conversations and I left “The Du” not really knowing if my time with him had a really had an impact. Well, when I arrived in “The X” we stayed in weekly contact. He told me his life was really hard and he felt like he was in a dark place…

Keep in mind, this is after many late nights of me spending time with him at various bars in “The Du” which is not naturally my favorite place, around blunts, and other drugs being passed (not my jam), to which even in that environment the light shines greatly (we gotta be that salt and light). I was able to share the good news many nights with people around us as we spent time together.  People were healed in pseudo drug dens we went to, words of encouragement were also released that brought tears of joy even in that dark environment. The “The Good News” went out to many in having the privilege of sharing the only “S@vior” with people who probably least expected it when they’re out for a night to party…

In truth, I was there for them mainly because of Peter, this is where he hung out. These are his friends.  He doesn’t have the kind of friends I do, but he wants too 🙂 We all want healthy community! He really had no positive influences in his life. So for me, I would hang out with him and then ride back late at night on a the rented bicycle praying for him along the way and wondering if I was having an impact.

Well, as I told you I left the city having enjoyed last meal with him and having given him a Bible to read. As I mentioned we have stayed in touch weekly and three weeks ago He told me I don’t know how to stop seeing/living in darkness. He would constantly see himself being pulled to a black pit and know he could escape from it no matter how hard he tried. That day I told him the same thing I had told him many other times. You cannot escape the darkness on your own. You were never meant to!  We all need God who is Light to come and live inside of us. We talked quite a bit that day and he invited The King of Kings and the Father of Lights into his heart.  Ohhh!!! The incredible precious Blood of Our Savior….

From that day “Peter” truly has become a new creation. This is so incredible! Our Father’s promises in His word are all true! “Peter” keeps on telling me every time I talk with him about the “mysterious power” of His Presence He feels with him whenever he talks with Him and reads His Word.

Now just yesterday, “Peter” said “I want to be a Christian for sure, I know I want to follow Him, He is the only one who’s given me hope and peace.” He then asked me is there anything else I should do to follow Him. I told him about being “dunked” and how we do so out of obedience to him as His followers. We went through the Bible together and He asked me would you be willing to baptize me? A rush of emotion came over me as in that moment I realized how much personally our time together had meant to him (we are a 4 hour speed train ride from each other but he still requested for me to be there to baptize him). What a privilege and an honor!!! So now this Sunday I will take the speed train back up to “The Du” and dunk my amazing brother!

Isn’t that amazing?!?!