As we are pushing through the bustling crowds, I make eye contact with this girl and we both make the most confused, shocked face! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was my friend, Jane, who the last I knew, was in America studying. We both embraced and made dinner plans for the next day.

Here’s the backstory on Jane: I met her two years ago at an English Corner where I was sharing my testimony. She was instantly captivated and wanted to know more about God. Within the next two weeks, my partner and I met with her and she gave her heart to God! (Side note: she was the first person my team and I witnessed come into the family.) However, there were some heart issues that Jane was struggling with, such as “How can I believe that Jesus is the only way?” When I left her last May, I was unsure of how serious Jane was about pursuing a relationship with God.

Back to the present, Jane and I meet up the next day. Within twenty minutes of meeting up with her,  I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to ask her if she visited any churches in America. Her response, “Yes! I go to one frequently!” This opened up a three-hour long conversation in which I was amazed in how God pursued Jane all the way to America and was meeting her while she was away from home. Her roommates are both Christians and are constantly challenging Jane to think about God deeply. The church she is connected with her showed her what Godly community looks like, she has a hunger to read the Bible and so much more!

It was such an incredible time where God was teaching me how we all have a part to play in our friends’ lives but He truly is the one who grows the seed that is planted in each one of their hearts! Jane is so hungry to know God in Spirit and in Truth. She asked me if I had time every Saturday so we can study the Bible together!! My answer was a big, fat “YESSSSS!”

God took my friend to another country for her eyes to be opened to his reality. I honestly thought I’d never see her again. I shared with her about how Jesus’ love is so unique because He did what no other god could do, which was lay down His life for complete strangers. As I’m sharing with tears running down my face, she looked at me and she said “I get it; I understand.” Friends, there’s nothing better than seeing your friends understand the Greatest Love this world has even seen.