This is what happened at our last national retreat only a week ago! 21 of our brothers and sisters met up in a remote area here in Asia and they went into the mountains to share with a people group that up until now had reported to only have about 0.07% believers. They shared with 33 people and of the 33, 17 said “yes” to God and 4 of them even got baptized! Insane, right?! God is moving!

Here’s one of my favorite stories from the retreat:

It all started back in May when I had gone to my gym to swim. I was doing laps when suddenly a girl came into my lane and was blocking me from continuing. I politely asked her to move to another lane and then continued my mile-swim. But once I was done, I felt Goad prompting me to talk to her. Minutes later, I found out that Julie had been attending a Bible study for a while but had never really committed to God and additionally the Bible study was no longer running. So I got her number and a week later introduced her to one of our local church leaders, H, who invited her into one of her small groups!

Well, Julie was one of the 21 that went on this trip! Honestly, up to that point, she really hadn’t fully committed to God yet. But God was about to do some shifting in her heart!

As they were launched out, Julie and her crew spent some time rapping and asking God to lead them. Suddenly, Julie saw a vivid picture of a road. She drew the picture on a piece of paper and off her team went into the mountains. And as they walked, they stumbled upon a road that looked exactly like what Julie had seen! Crazy, right?

They bumped into some girls on the road and ended up befriending them. Later in the day, Julie had gotten a chance to sit with one of the girls and talk about God. As she shared, the girl ended up choosing to believe! Julie was shocked! Not just by the fact that this girl just said “yes” to God, but she was amazed by her faith! And at that moment, Julie finally gave her full “yes” to God!

I’m truly amazed by all God is doing here in Asia! It’s such a testimony of His goodness and His desire to see His children found! Thank you for continuing to be a part!