It was another busy college campus evening. However, on a short reprieve, the smell of baked goods and a lively coffee shop atmosphere surrounded us. We had just enjoyed a dinner on the college campus with other Asian friends.

One of my friends had asked to get some more one-on-one time to share a bit of his heart.  This man is full joy and a lot of fun to be around. He has a ton of energy (loves to BMX Bike)! So when he said he wanted to sit down and talk individually I knew it must important. So there we were talking amidst the swirling of other conversations around us (two other buddies joined us) and together we enjoyed a few dessert items our friend told us we must absolutely try at this new bakery/coffee shop. There was no refusing him on the sweets!  We all then sat down and asked him what was on his heart. He began to open up more and share that he had started a relationship with Jesus!!!

Not only that, but the revelation of understanding his faith created so quickly was astounding. The Father had been speaking to Him directly about His Love for him and giving Him so much clarity about what His only Son did in dying for him. It was so powerful to sit there and listen to what he had been happening to him through his new connection with the Father.

I asked him if I can show him something out of the Bible as we turn to Acts chapters 1 and 2. I asked him to take some time while we were together to read both chapters in his native language. I asked him what he thought about what He had just read and he replied that he was very sure The Father sends His Spirit to every believer. I simply then asked him if he wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit as he just read in Acts. He said “Yes!” with incredible confidence that the gift he was about to receive from The Father for him was really good!

We prayed together and after we prayed I asked Him if He received anything. He said, “Yes it is wonderful. I began to speak (with a new language he did not understand) and I felt light inside of me growing and taking out all of the darkness. I also thought to pray for my friends who do not know Jesus while I was speaking in this language.”

I went on to tell him what he just received was his heavenly language! We both sat there in awe-filled joy seeing/knowing that He truly is a Good Father who gives good gifts and all we have to do is believe and trust Him in His Word to us. What an incredible night! We sat and talked for a while longer about his upcoming break and other things going on in life. I drove him back to his dorm, which in this culture is a great way to build relationship. This was one of the most special nights I’ve had here so far.  Thank you for listening and being a part of it!