Since my last update, God has really been doing some extraordinary things through us here in X-town. Like, God is moving BIG time! And it’s so amazing to be able to be apart of it all.

Let me tell you about my friend Crystal. About a month ago, my partner and I met a freshman by the canteen; her name was Crystal. Our first encounter was slightly awkward. It went something along the lines as: “Hi! What’s your name? Is it alright if we sit with you?”

Unfortunately, she had already finished her meal and was on her way out. But we managed to get her contact info and we set up a dinner date with her for the next day.

The next day we met up. During our time together, we were able to tell her a little bit more about ourselves as well as learn about her. As we were talking, I asked her if she had any siblings, she replied with: “No, so I grew up very lonely as a child.” We began to tell her about a love so AMAZING and unconditional, the kind of love where you never have to feel lonely again. Although she was very receptive to our story, she didn’t accept right away. We asked her if it would be alright if we prayed for her, and in returned she prayed as well!

We hadn’t seen Crystal for almost a full month! Up until last week, that is! We invited her over & asked if she was still interested in reading the Bible & learning more about Jesus! As we read through the pages, we explained to her about what He did, who He was, and what He thinks about us as His children. Her face began to light up! That’s when my partner turned to her and asked if she would like a relationship with Jesus. She paused for a moment, looked at us, and said: “YES! Yes, I do!” All I can say is: God is SO GOOD! And He’s on the move!