For the past three weeks, I have been trying to meet up with Sunny, the girl I talked about in my last update. However, every time I tried to set something up, she was busy when I was free, or she was taking her sick friends to the hospital (how sweet is she?!?!), or she was studying for her post-graduate exams. I began to think meeting her was just going to be a cool story.

But I was wrong. Finally, our schedules synced up and we were able to get lunch with Sunny. As my partner and I started talking to her over a bowl of heaping noodles, we shared the Gospel with her. I was able to share with her how prior to Jesus, we were separated from God and it was impossible to be in relationship with Him. But when Jesus died on the cross, He was the bridge that led us to relationship with God.

Her mouth fell open. “That’s amazing!!! I always thought of God as just another religion to follow. I didn’t know He lived in my heart and wants to have a relationship with me. I want him in my heart!!! I’m so happy!!” With a huge grin on our face, my partner and I explained to Sunny as Christians, we have a Heavenly Father and since we are all His children, we were officially sisters.

“I’m just so happy. We’re officially sisters! I’m just so happy.”

Sunny is one of the many who have encountered the love of God since we’ve been here!  My team and I are eagerly expectant for the Holy Spirit to continually show up and lead us into more and more divine encounters, helping us bring more of His lost children back into His arms.

In other news, life in Asia is going well. Similar to NY, X-town is gearing up for fall as the weather is cooling down. As exciting as this adventure is, there is just no place like home during autumn. There is a lot of pollution in the air and the sun seldom comes out, which is new and my body is adjusting to it slowly. But I did buy a mask, so that should be a big help! The food consists mostly of rice or noodles. However, my team and I were introduced to a restaurant near us called “Fly Elephant,” which served us some pretty authentic New York Style pizza. It’s nice to have a little bit of home here in X-town.

Once again, I am so grateful for all of your praying. It has been the backbone for my work here. Would you pray for the following? Please pray for encounters with God that will change the course of our friends’ lives, for health and strength (as I mentioned, the air is thick with pollution which makes it hard to breath when out. It’s hard to make new friends when you’re sick, haha) and lastly for homesickness; there are moments when it hits me that I’ll be here for the next several months and I won’t see my family for a long stretch of time. Please pray God will allow me to see this town as home for the next couple of months.