“Hey, I just want to let you know you guys made it to the finals.” This was the phone call a friend of mine received about a week ago! You have to understand that when in Asia you get extreme favor to do things that in other countries you would not be able to do. This story is a perfect example of that very circumstance.

About a month ago my buddy Gambit and I got to walk up and audition just for fun at a nationwide talent contest (think America’s Got Talent), but we just went up because a microphone was being handed to us and it was an opportunity to “creatively” share the Gospel…Good or bad we went for it!

Well, Gambit is crazy talented vocally so he knocked it out of the park and I did some hip-hop Holy Spirit flow. You guys know me; I am not naturally gifted in this area to say the least, but for some reason when the Holy Spirit decides to flow through our lives He has other plans. It’s always a trust journey, but at least we can say we had fun. The funny thing is that the only thing I can share is what He wants to speak, because it’s Him giving the lyrics word by word and I get to put it to beat (fun partnership).

I’ll pick you guys up with us being asked to perform at the finals. They decided we didn’t have to take part in the semifinals. They just wanted us to come to finals. This is basically, in their culture, them showing extreme honor. Honestly, there is no way in our own abilities we should have been invited. Or let me say at least for myself, because Gambit is truly talented!

During the performance in true Asian style there was an onslaught of smoke machines and bubbles being blown, and a few hundred students in attendance taking a break from all their hard work! It was a blast and we even received an award at the end.

Lesson learned here: If The Holy Spirit tells you to do something, no matter how impossible you deem it to be in your strength, doubt your doubts and go for it!

We made friends with some of the students who were performing and our Father has truly opened doors in the most unexpected ways since we’ve been here for us to be able to share his love toward so many students. After events like this many people want to talk with you and it’s an easy bridge into sharing the Good News!

So much of the Father’s Kingdom is joy and it is not only more effective, but so much more fun to reach people creatively with the Good News. What way is he asking you to reach another this week with the gifts He has given you? You have what it takes…Go for it!