Hi everyone

How are you all? The emotions are strong these last few weeks. Arranging time to meet with our friends for the last time, home being so close but so far… It has felt like a long road to walk on but totally worth it. This place is great, the people are great and what God is doing over here is really awesome.

You might like to know my friend who made a decision in my last email got dunked 2 weeks later and has really taken off. He is connected in and going strong.

All of us here recently finished praying every hour of the day for 30 straight days and the results have been amazing. Many new people in the family and lots more being connected to long-term guys and getting into TG’s. Some who were on the fringes have all of a sudden just started coming along. When God makes things happen, things happen.

Please pray for those of us whose time remaining here is short. I think we are all feeling many emotions and are running on empty. Also, lift up our friends who have not made a decision yet or who don’t feel like taking their walk farther by joining a Bible study.