We have had an EPIC fall time! These past months, after we arrived back from Asia and Campus Target’s 10-year reunion we have been traveling non-stop preaching and recruiting for CT. There have been many powerful moments on the road, but our favorite moment was seeing God bring our mission full circle from Asia to right here in our hometown! We had a visit from our best friend and first fruits of Campus Target — Shawn!

One of our last days in Asia this summer Shawn and his best friend Cody invited us out for a delicious spicy meal of hot pot. Over that meal we begin to connect and reminiscence about all that God had done in our lives and the crazy times we have had together. At the end of the meal, Cody asked if we could come over to his apartment and worship together just like we did in the past.

He took us to his apartment and as we were sitting on the couch Cody walked over to a bookshelf and pulled out an old blue notebook. He said, “Jay-Z, I don’t know if you remember this book but this is the worship songbook that we used to sing from.” Then Shawn said, “Jay-Z we used to come over to your house on Thursday nights and you would teach me guitar and we would spend hours worshiping together.” In that moment our hearts were completely lost in the moment of all that God had done in the past 10 years.

Cody flipped open the book and said, “Can you please play this song?” We spent the next 20 minutes worshiping together in Cody’s apartment and the presence of God became so real. As I (Beyonce) was recording the three men singing together, tears were streaming down my face. I was so humbled and broken in all the ways that God has used us over the years. As we ended the night we asked Cody & Shawn to pray over us. As we were leaving the apartment our hearts were full and overcome with the goodness of God.

Now fast forward 3 months to Jay-Z & Shawn leading worship at a missions conference right down the street! Shawn had an opportunity to come to America and he landed the last week of October and was able to connect with the majority of his friends throughout the years.

Though Shawn didn’t know it, he was coming into town during the local bible school’s missions emphasis week. Shawn was the first person CT’s founders ever led to the Lord. He is a clear representative of what we are all about! We were eager to find ways for Shawn to be involved during missions week. It worked out that he was able to share his personal testimony and bring a challenge in front of students! And then the next night Jay-Z & Shawn led worship together at the conference. And as we worshiped together, the presence of God came so strongly once again, only this time it was in America not in Asia! It was incredible! As Shawn shared his testimony in front of the student body, students began to cry as they heard his story of hearing about Jesus and what it has looked for him being a church leader in Asia.

God brought us full circle from Asia to right here in our town!

Shawn represents a part of the great season that has been over these past months. Tons of excitement, meaningful moments, and progress in the mission of Campus Target. We believe Shawn coming at the time he did was in God’s timing and was a representation of what God wants to do in Asia during this next season. Shawn returned to Asia with fresh vision, hope, and passion for his next season.

Thank you so much for investing in us and praying for us. Our story and journey over these past 10 years with Campus Target is also your story!