Hello! I hope you are well! Asia is awesome. I have so many stories to share but here is one of my favorite moments thus far.

My friends and I decide to check out this “children’s” playground near our campus. My friend, Merah, decided she wanted to ride my bike to the playground but at the last minute decided to take our other friend’s bike. For. No. Apparent. Reason (or so we think). After hours playing, I head to the bus stop so I can retrieve my bike from campus.

(Side note: We realized that playgrounds here have little to no safety regulations, whatsoever. Jungle gyms with moving stairs, platforms that swing as if made for giants, a labyrinth maze! The possibilities of getting seriously injured are endless! 😉 )

As I get on the bus, I see this girl looking at me. I look at her and she looks away. I don’t think much of it; the stares are normal. My mind is preoccupied; I just want to get my bike, go home and rest. It’s been a long day and I’m tired.

“Hold on,” I hear God say, “Hold on. I called you here for a purpose. What if I’m setting this moment up for you?”

I take a deep breath, realizing the intentionality of the moment I just stepped into. God was orchestrating this moment.

“Okay, God,” I reply, “If this girl gets off at my stop, I will talk to her, even if I have to chase her down.”

Just then, the bus pulls into the stop and who gets off before me? The girl! I chase her down and say hello.

Friends, I cannot explain to you what I was greeted with at that moment. The girl’s face broke into the biggest smile and I honestly felt as if I had found one of my greatest friends in the world. Within 10 minutes of talking with my new friend, Sunny, both of us were amazed at how much we connected.

“I’m so happy I met you,” Sunny said to me, “you’re my sister.”

These words still ring in my head. It’s for people like Sunny that God brought me into this country. In the few minutes I spent with her, I felt more welcomed in this new land than I had in the past two weeks. Even though, I am supposed to be ministering to her, she filled my day with so much joy and made me excited to do what I do.

I’ve been learning to trust the Holy Spirit more these past four weeks. I have seen Him lead my team and me in such amazing ways. Why else would my friend, Merah, randomly leave my bike behind and take my other friend’s bike? He had a bigger plan, that’s why.

This country and everything in it is beautiful – the people, the land, the food! I am adjusting well. X-town is the perfect blend between America and India. I am grateful for this opportunity to do what I do. I trust that God will continually show you His love, especially for all of the love you have shown me and for the work in this country. The best part of all this: our team has seen four people come into the family already!!! How amazing is that?!? The fuel for our team is your prayers. Would you remember to pray for the following?

– Good health for my team. A few have been combating colds, stomach issues and coughs. We want to be healthy so we can get out to campus and make some new friends!

– Our team as we continue to step onto campus. Pray for strength, friendships, sense of belonging, purpose, and joy.