How are you? Another blazing hot summer is over and another semester is starting. The amazing thing about what I do is that every year, I get to reset my schedule and throw out what did not work last year or even experiment new ones. These past few weeks, my Asian friends are starting to slowly come back and I have been connecting with each of them and just to hear how they are doing spiritually and talking to them about the possible training group. The future is full of possibilities and I believe that God is going to do amazing things this school year.

With the semester starting up, the one year workers came to the city and that had caused a lot of running around. It’s amazing to see how God had put together a team of people who are so ready to share the Gospel. I’ve had a lot of fun just taking them around the campuses, showing them how amazing authentic Asian foods are, and even just pray with them about the coming semester. Even though they had not been in the city for more than a month, they have already seen 4 salvations! This year many are going to be saved because of the choices of obedience.

One of the things that I have been praying for a year and half now is that God will start a new church on one of the campuses that I am working on. I believe that this year is the year, I have seen God used me and the last year’s team to reach out to the students on campus and there have been few who have been saved, but I am praying that God would open up doors and people for my team and I to see even more people to be saved. In particular, there are already some believers on campus and as we go out and share, God is going to stir people’s heart for himself and I believe with just a few more people coming into the family, a church will be formed. That the people in this church will be the ones who carries it on to reach their fellow students.

As I pray and strategize the coming semester, will you come along with me and pray for my and team and I. We have seen in the days past how prayer can change not only our hearts, but also the hearts of those whom we are trying to reach, therefore, let us this year all the more pray with greater urgency and passion for the lost souls in Asia. I don’t just want you to pray for the things that we are doing, but rather for the people on this campus.

Let me tell you about this campus, this campus has about 31,000 and the school specializes in all sorts of computer science and micro-computer science things. This university in where I live, have two campuses and I live right in the middle of it. Now that’s a lot of students. In one of the campuses, they have what is called the clock tower, which is the tallest building on campus, but the nickname is “jump tower.” The reason is that there have been many people who because of one reason or another, decided to go up and jump off from it. Often because of the pressure of education, family, or even culture expectation. Now, the building is sealed off and no one can go in.

That’s the school that I am working at. I believe that God can change this campus from people wanting to commit suicide to a campus filled with students worshiping God. That the students on this campus going out into their field of expertise changing the nations for God. That’s what I would like you to join me in praying about. That this semester, wherever my teams and I go, we would find people ready to receive the word of God. That God would choose people on this campus for us to meet whom will eventually go out and become an evangelist. That the people that we are training would fall in love with Jesus more and more.

Thank you so much for praying and supporting me! Your prayers are much appreciated!