One of my roommates, Skittles and I were running a few errands in town up here in NY. As we were walking through the parking lot into our next store, we were approached by a woman. Her name was Roxanne. She seemed very anxious and started going on about how her car has no gas and she couldn’t back home! She had driven into New York all the way from Pennsylvania and her car barely made it back since it had a million other problems. Skittles and I could see her son fixing and tinkering with their car a few yards away.

In that moment, Skittles and I both looked at her and we asked her ” Can we pray for you?”

“Yes, please,” said Roxanne, almost hungrily. So there we stood, on a warm Sunday fall afternoon, calling on God to come and help Roxanne! As I was praying for her, I felt the Lord was asking me to pray for her family and any broken relationships there might be in her life.

After we were done praying, Roxanne looked up at us, nearly in tears. She then says, “Thank you so much! I am a born-again Christian, I know Jesus is real and He died for me. Its funny you brought up broken relationships. My mother is really upset with me and my son because we left her home because we needed to get our life back and get better. I don’t know how you knew that but thank you for praying for it.”

How amazing! Skittles and I were truly amazed at how God spoke through a simple prayer and how He brought hope into Roxanne’s life in that one moment, hope she was lacking severely. All she was looking for was some gas money and she found hope in Jesus!

He is our anchor in the storm and I believe there are people in parking lots, doctor’s offices, workplaces and schools to whom He wants us to bring His hope to! Who is it in your life?