It has been a busy past week as we traveled to renew our visas. It started last Monday at 3:00 AM as we got in a van heading to the airport. After that, we spent the next eight days traveling around Asia in just about every way possible. We took cars, buses, planes, slow trains, fast trains, a ferry and even a horse as we traveled all the way to the southern part of Asia

Although our time there was limited we got the chance to swim in the sea under the sunset as our extremely busy day came to a close. The next day we woke up early and traveled west for the next couple days until we arrived at the beautiful city, tucked away in the mountains in Asia. We stayed there for the next several days as we explored the city.

As an ethnically-influenced city, it is submerged in a completely Buddhist culture. On one of the days, we got the chance to visit a six-hundred-year-old Buddhist temple. It was eye-opening to see how twisted they see the world and how they need to escape into the real world. The incredible part was getting the opportunity to pray on the roof for God to be glorified and that they would come to know Him. An American family who lives in the area told us that we were the first people in history to praise God on that temple.

Later on in the week, we hung out with the family more as they showed us around and invited us over for worship. It was a powerful time of fellowship and we even got to eat yak chili! The last night we were there we got to stay with a local minority family overnight and wake up to have breakfast with them. However a couple of us guys woke up early in the morning and walked outside the village, through yak fields until we came to a mountain. We climbed up the small mountain through many different prickly bushes until we came to a flat spot where monks would burn offerings to spirits. We decided to press on to a higher place where we could proclaim God over all else. Even though it was still dark, we pressed forward until we were on the very top. It was amazing to worship at the top of the mountain and lift our prayers to God for the region. We could see the whole valley from that point, even in the dark, and we proclaimed that God will reign supreme!