God has been pursuing Amy for years. When she was in high school, her history teacher was a Christian. For 3 years in each class, at risk to himself, he would share with his students something about the Bible. And each class, Amy was learning more about the God who loved her.

Last week, she brought her friend Jane as she got together with 3 young women on our team who were excited to share with her about Jesus. But they had no idea how much God had already prepared her heart.

As they shared with Amy and Jane a story from the Bible, everything she had felt when her history teacher had planted those seeds years before came flooding back. She grabbed the Bible and exclaimed, “I need to read this book!”

As their three friends began to share the gospel with Amy and Jane, they were captivated. Their hearts were broken over their sin. They were touched to their core by what Jesus did for them on the cross. When the girls asked them if they wanted to follow Jesus and receive the gift He gave his life for, they literally jumped out of their chair in excitement saying, Yes!”

God has been pursuing Amy for years. And He has been chasing after Jane too. And now they have both come back home.