Hello Friend! How are you?? I am so glad to be sending you this update! First, I wanted to apologize for the delay in updates! Life here has been crazy! I got to see one of my closest friend here in Asia, Sofia, say “Yes” to starting a relationship with God. From the moment I met her, God was showing her in BIG ways how much He loved and cared for her — He started curing her of depression and insomnia!! WOW!!!

I wanted to send you this email to share some exciting news!  After praying (for a long time) and talking with the leaders in my life, I have decided to come back to Asia for a more extended period of time!!! Since being over here, God has shown me the need that the people here have and I feel that He wants to use me to have a greater impact in this country.

Don’t worry, I will still be coming home at the end of May (a week away!!!) and I am pumped to see you to catch up! But in couple weeks, I will be heading back to our organization’s headquarters to start to prepare to go back to Asia for long-term work. I will spend the next 6 months support raising and receiving more in-depth training on how to minister to people in Asia. It will be a time where I will be getting prepared both mentally and spiritually to help launch a church-planting movement in this wonderful nation!

God willing, in January, I will head back to Asia to start full-time language study and eventually step into full-time, cross-cultural, cross-lingual ministry!

I want to thank you for EVERYTHING that you done for me as I have been over here. There are so many people that would not know about God and what He has done for us without your faithful giving and prayers! Without you, these nine months would not have been possible. My friend Sofia, Sunny, Kristina and so many others would not have heard about God’s reckless love for them.

This year has been a growing experience in many ways, and I am excited to see what God does in these next 3 years as we continue to plow the fields! The harvest is ready!!