Hello!! How are you doing? I hope you are finding joy and peace each and every day! I know its been a while since I last sent an update on what has been happening here in Asia but it has been crazy here in a really good way!!!

For the past week and a half, we have been praying (and planning) a St. Patrick’s Day party for our Asian friends. None of them know what it’s about — well, none of them know it was even a holiday. We were praying that God would soften the hearts of our friends who came. As we were praying for them, God was filling my heart up and I would just cry for them. I couldn’t understand why I was crying. But I could hear God saying, “I want them to know, I want them to know, I want them to know how much I love them.” As my entire team prepared, God prepared the hearts our friends. We saw many of our friends’ hearts change towards God and two people decided to give their hearts to God and to start a relationship with Him.

One of our new sisters, A, had been shared with weeks ago at our Christmas party. Since then, my partner, Psylocke, had been meeting with her, telling her how much God loved her and about Jesus’ sacrifice. Slowly, A’s heart started turning and turning. Last night, as she heard the story again, she said, “I realize that sometimes I search for answers and no one can give me the answer I am looking for. I am suffering, and there is suffering around me. But I know it is good to know someone who has the answers and I can turn to Him.” I watched A close her eyes moments later to pray and invite God into her heart! How amazing!

Our friends coming into the family is not of our doing by any means. Since our retreat in Malaysia, our team has committed radically to praying and fasting for our campus. As we’ve been sowing seeds and praying radically, we’ve been reaping abundant fruit! We have seem close to 10 people start a relationship with God in the past two weeks!

Remember, praying changes everything. As we’ve committed to prayig, I have been noticing changes in every area of my life. My ministry, my family,my friendships, my desires and temptations are all beautifully stained by God. He is the stain you can’t ever get rid of, nor would you ever want to — throw the Tide out the window!! I am seeing God transform the lives of my brothers and my church family even as I am thousands of miles away. Remember, He listens to every word you utter to Him. He is the One who Listens. I challenge you to pray radically and to ask BIG things from God. There’s nothing HE cannot do. As a team, we all cut the word “impossible” out of our dictionary. As we are believing for crazy things here in Asia, I urge you to do the same!