Hey guys! I know I literally just wrote an update, but God is too incredible not to brag about! Let me fill you in on some AMAZING news that has taken place since my last update!

Let me talk to you a bit about my friend Alexandra. I met Alexandra back in December at our Christmas party. During that time, we had our friend Kristine share her testimony as well as share the incredible things Jesus has done in her own life. After, we all broke off into small groups, where we held a short session of Q&A. I also went on to share a little bit about my own testimonies to the group. As I sat on the bed, I eagerly awaited for responses. However, it seemed as though everyone was finished for the night. As I gathered everyone around to head back out to the living area, I had two girls hold me back, one being our friend Francis and the other Alexandra.

After talking to them both for about 15 minutes, I just knew I had to re-connect with Alexandra. It wasn’t until the second week of January I initiated the first move asking her if she wanted to get lunch and hang out. Let’s just say this girl is basically my Asian soul sister! We immediately hit it off! It was such an answer to prayer to finally meet someone who shared the same interests as me. It felt as though we we’re old friends catching up. I talked to her a little bit about God and and asked her questions about her own life. Later I posed the question if she would like to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She told me she had to think about it a little bit, that it was a huge decision. I didn’t see her again until March.

About 3 weeks ago I met up with her again over lunch. I asked her how she had been since the last time I had spoken to her. She shared with me some of her problems and I was open and honest about things in my own life. As I sat there listening to her, I felt God prompt me to share more of my testimonies. We spent about 2 1/2 hours talking. Finally, I asked her again. “Do you want to accept Jesus into your heart?” I could tell it was something she wanted so badly, but she was still nervous to take that next step. So I challenged her. I said: “Alexandra, can I challenge you with something? When you go home today, ask God to reveal himself to you. Ask Him questions. He’s always listening and He’s always responding.”

Just last Friday we had our St. Patrick’s Day party where we invited all of our friends over. After we shared the history of St. Patrick and why we celebrate it, we went right into the story of Jesus. After, you’ve guessed it, we broke off into small groups where our friend Autumn shared her own testimonies. That night, Alexandra made the decision to accept Jesus! The moment she said it, I literally broke down in tears. This girl is so precious to me and even more precious to God. She told me after the last time we had spoken, she had taken on my challenge. She had asked God to reveal himself, and she said that she had felt Him answer some of her questions. It felt so amazing to lead someone into the Kingdom, especially someone who is so special to me. God has been REALLY moving these past couple of months! It’s so AMAZING to be a part of it all!