I sat down in the dirty, busy alley next to the young crippled man who was writing with chalk on the ground. His music played from a little speaker next to a small golden Buddha statue. This was his way to make a living – his life.

My team was enjoying some dumplings in a nearby shop, but had been sick for a few days and didn’t want to eat, so Dad led me back outside…

As I began to speak to this man, a small crowd gathered around me. Definitely not the ideal situation! But I felt the Holy Spirit come and take away all fear. He replaced it with a great love for this one lost sheep. He opened my mouth to proclaim the gospel clearly and in a way that spoke to his heart. A few minutes later I asked him, “Are you willing to believe and follow?” He replied, “I am VERY willing!” So we prayed together, gave him a Book, and welcomed him to the family! Please lift up GC with us.

This was on the heels of an amazing week where we saw 6 students at our university receive Jesus! I’m so proud of my team, the way they are putting Dad first and walking in radical obedience. We simply ask Him where to go, who to share with, etc and He tells us. (John 16:13) “He will lead you into all truth… He will tell you what is yet to come.” Then we go and obey.

We are not super spiritual, or amazing, or wise. But HE IS! If you long to see this kind of fruit in your life, I encourage you to seek the L0RD for specific instructions – your marching orders – every day. He will speak. Just listen and then do what He tells you in His strength. Trust in His lead, in His unfailing love.

thank you for being part of this. For His glory alone!