So we knew coming into Ktown this year that our great big God had great, BIG plans for us here. But this is already getting a bit ridiculous. The anointing He has poured out on our team in amazing, and we are all being amazed by Him on a daily basis. . .

Our theme song this year is “Home” by Phillip Phillips, haha, and so whenever someone receives life thru the Savior, we send each other a text with the word “HOME” like that, all in caps.

Well, yesterday, there were six (6), SIX that came home! Four are female roommates who all believed at once. Then later last night, another sister and brother came HOME. (The guy may be the first C ever to be named Werewolf ;))

We are starting our first church group tomorrow, and another one later in the week. They are excited to experience worship and the Word and fellowship, and we are excited for their – and our! –  campus to be reached! Please ask that the Holy Spirit would be with them all, leading and speaking, drawing and transforming … and for the leaders of the groups.